Nustep Website


Web development, seo

With NuStep I implemented various new review/testimonial features, social media implementations, SEO improvements as well as ongoing content and functionality updates to fit the client's changing needs.

Technologies Used: WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

The Space Website

The Space

Web Development, it

I've been working with the Space to aid them in their transition from web development companies and have been managing their site ever since with new teachers, classes, API integrations, and more.

Technologies Used: Ruby on Rails, Heroku, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

BLVD Suites Website

BLVD Suites

web development, seo

I worked with BLVD Suites to help implement their new homepage and reservations page, restructure their entire user experience (ongoing), and to do general WordPress and SEO maintenence.

Technologies Used: WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Mixer Media Website

Mixer Media

Web Design, SEO

I worked alongside Mixer Media to re-imagine their website to be more appealing to potential clients.

Technologies Used: SquareSpace, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Henry Ford Village Website

Henry Ford Village

Web Development, Marketing Automation, SEO

I work with Henry Ford Village to implement their website redesign project led by their creative agency, restructure and manage their marketing automation strategy, implement various new features as well as general upkeep.

Technologies Used: WordPress, PHP, SharpSpring, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

The Fuel Website

The Fuel

Web Development, IT

In a similar scenario as The Space, I aided The Fuel with the migration of web development companies and currently manage ongoing support such as menu updates, scheduling updates, and more.

Technologies Used: Ruby on Rails, Heroku, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Deluxx Fluxx Website

Deluxx Fluxx

Web Development

I rebuilt Deluxx Fluxx's website to aid them in their transition from art studio to night club while maintaining their distinct artistic style.

Technologies Used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Open Me When Box

Open Me When Box (in progress)

Web Development

I am currently working on reimagining Open Me When Box's website to fit the client's target market pivot, and to make it fit the client's artistic goals

Technologies Used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Shopify API, WebFlow

What do I do?

Most of my time is spent building web applications, and I have experience working with an assortment of different languages and technologies. These include:

  • PHP
  • Ruby On Rails
  • Python
  • C#
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Node.js
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • and more!

Let's get coffee.

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